Privacy Policy

The Red Coconut Beach Hotel which is operated and managed by Red Coconut Beach Hotel Inc. respects the privacy of all its guests, customers, and visitors. We ensure that all information you provide in our website will be kept secure and confidential. This privacy policy has been prepared to give effect to our commitment to safeguard the personal data of our guests and other individuals who avail of our services and to inform them on the personal information that are obtained, the purpose for which they are processed and obtained, the scope and method of processing and other relevant information, in accordance with the Republic Act No. 10173, or the Data Privacy Act of 2012. Thus, you are required to read this privacy policy before giving your consent to the collection and processing of your personal information.

Personal Information Collection

Personal information refers to any information whether recorded in a material form or not, from which the identity of an individual is apparent or can be reasonably and directly ascertained by the entity holding the information or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify an individual. The Red Coconut Beach Hotel collects information that you directly and voluntarily provide us when you avail of our services through this website.

These include:

  1. Your name, country of residence, and contact details
  2. Guest stay information (date of arrival and departure, special requests, service preferences)
  3. Credit card information or other payment method details
  4. Any information necessary to fulfill special requests or preferences
  5. Information you provide regarding your marketing preferences or in the course of participating in surveys, contests, or promotional offers
  6. Information collected through the use of closed-circuit television systems, card keys, and other security systems

Personal Information Use and Disclosure

Subject to the provisions of the Data Privacy Act, The Red Coconut Beach Hotel may use your personal information in order to:

  1. Process, confirm, and charge for hotel accommodation, other reservations, and other goods and services, and administer check-in and check out;
  2. Provide services on your behalf;
  3. Fulfill contractual obligations to you, anyone involved in the process of making your travel arrangements (e.g. travel agents, group travel organizers, and your employer) and vendors (e.g. credit card companies, airline operators, and other loyalty programs);
  4. Provide you with access to the content on our site, and respond to your inquiries and requests;
  5. Conduct market research, customer satisfaction, and quality assurance surveys, and directing marketing and sales promotions;
  6. Administer general record keeping.

The personal information we gather from you shall be kept confidential and will be shared only with your consent. It may be shared, however:

  1. Between and among the Red Coconut Beach Hotel and a limited number of our affiliates as are relevant for the above purposes and to facilitate the operation of our business;
  2. With the operator of the hotel of which you book, stay or visit for the above purposes;
  3. With third-party payment processors or providers, IT and marketing support service providers and other consultants, vendors, and service providers who need access to such information to carry out work or provide services on our behalf or who help us to provide the website to you;
  4. With anyone involved in the process of making your travel arrangements in order to fulfill contractual obligations;
  5. With any government agency or office, law enforcement agency or officer, judicial, quasi-judicial, or regulatory body in response to an order or request for information if the disclosure is in accordance with, or required by law or court order or process;
  6. If we have reason to believe that your actions are inconsistent with our user agreements or policies, or to protect the rights, property, and safety of the Red Coconut Beach Hotel
  7. With our advisors, which includes our accountants, auditors, lawyers, other professional advisors, and business contacts for the purpose of assisting us to better manage, support, or develop our business and comply with our legal and regulatory obligations;
  8. If we determine it is necessary or desirable to comply with the law or to protect or defend our rights or property in accordance with applicable laws.

Storage and Retention of Personal Information

The Red Coconut Beach Hotel shall retain your personal information only for as long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the purpose for which the data was obtained; for the exercise or defense of legal claims; for legitimate business purposes, or as provided by law.

Your Rights under the Data Privacy Act

As a data subject under the Data Privacy Act, you are entitled to:

  1. Be informed whether personal information pertaining to you are being or have been processed;
  2. Be furnished of the information, i.e. description of the personal information, purposes, scope, and method, that are being obtained from you before the entry of your personal information into the processing system;
  3. Object to the processing of your personal information. You will be given an option or opportunity to withhold your consent before the hotel processes your personal information;
  4. Reasonable access to, upon demand, contents of your personal information that were processed, sources from which your personal information were obtained, names and addresses of recipients of your personal information, the manner by which such data were processed, reasons for disclosure of personal information, information on automated processes where the data will or likely to be made as to the sole basis for any decision significantly affecting or will affect the data subject, date when your personal information concerning the data subject were last access and modified, the designation, or name or identity and address of the personal information controller;
  5. Dispute the inaccuracy or error in the personal information and have the personal information controller correct it immediately;
  6. Suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal information from the personal information controller’s filing system upon discovery and substantial proof that the personal information is incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, used for unauthorized purposes or are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected;
  7. Be indemnified for any damages sustained due to such inaccurate, incomplete, outdated, false, unlawfully obtained, or unauthorized use of personal information.

Use of Cookies

Please be aware that in visiting this website, information and data may be collected through the use of “cookies”. “Cookies” are small text files created by a website that is stored in the user’s computer. They provide a way for the website to recognize you and keep track of your preferences.

You can choose to have your computer warn you each time a cookie is being sent, or you can choose to turn off all cookies. However, if you turn cookies off, some features will be disabled.

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